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Mom, ‘I am back,’ Declared dead after heart attack, waiter wakes up on his Funeral

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Hamdi Hafez Al-Nubi suffered heart attack on Friday while at work, and the family were all set to bury the 28-year-old Egyptian waiter. However, the sudden ‘resurrection’ of the ‘Dead’ Hafez Al-Nubi turned the funeral arrangements into a celebration party in the end.

According to the interesting details, a Naga Al-Simmanm resident from Luxor (Egypt), Hamdi Hafez left the mourners completely stunned and extremely happy simultaneously. The family and friends were busy in funeral arrangements after the 28-year-old was declared dead, following a heart attack. According to Islamic ways and traditions, the body was already washed and was being prepared by tearful family members for burial.

At this point, a female doctor sent to sign the death certificate, realized that the body was still warm; quite unlike a dead person. Surprised, the doctor further checked the deceased man’s vital signs and discovered another fact; Hafez was even breathing. Later, the doctor had to revive both Mr al-Nubdi and his loving mother; the poor woman had fainted to learn that her son was alive!

All those who were mourning over the young man’s death minutes ago, would thus be seen celebrating Hafez’s unexpected and unbelievable ‘return’ from the world hereafter. Just last month, a similar incident occurred in China when a 95-year-old woman made headlines; for waking up alive, six days after her ‘death.’


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