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You Are With US or Against US

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3 African leaders attended the Symposium on Global Agriculture and Food Security at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, Friday, May 18, 2012, at the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington. From left to right are Jakaya Kikwete, president of the United Republic of Tanzania, John Atta Mills, president of Ghana, and Meles Zenawi, prime minister of Ethiopia.  

And the good question that came out of this meeting was the secret behind the death of Atta Mills, who was president of Ghana and the death of Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia and the serious illness of the president of Tanzania, who collapsed at a political rally for his Chama Cha Mapinduzi party at Jangwani Grounds in Dar es Salaam Tanzania where he addressed a campaign rally.

We all know what happened to tough talking anti gay rights late president Bakili Muluzi of Malawi, the Hague jailed Laurent Gbagbo who could not tow the French line, the gutter killed Muammar Qadaffi, even revolutionary Robert Mugabe escaped death by a whim and survived only after a hospital session in Singapore. How about Mr Isaias Aferwerki of Eritrea, what happened to him?

So my question is: Is Africa’s looking east to the Chinese rousing rabbles, jitterbugging somebody in Washington? Maybe, maybe not? Or did these events just happen?

Well, you could say somebody doesn’t want African leaders yapping about “doing what they want when they want with who they want” or even saying another big brother called Beijing is behind them now. Because, see, if history isn’t dead, we’d remember what happened to Patrice Lumumba, first Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of Congo who was assassinated and has no grave, Samora Machel of (Mozambique) whose plane was shot down, patriotic Thomas Sankara (Burkina Faso) whose vision was to see an economically independent country, Laurent Kabila (DR Congo) who did not do what he was told to do and John Garang (South Sudan) who did not… oops did I say John Garang?

We thought colonization ended in the last millennium but clearly it is still with us, just a re-brand, tiger in sheep skin. Which we are just flying symbolic flags in the name of freedom while real power is in the hands of the big boys who rule our global world. So if you have a vision for the Africa, but keep it to yourself or you will go the same way.




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