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African Village Comedians Cracking ribs or Skulls.

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Watch this, but don’t get it wrong. The African sense of comedy is different at times from the Western sense of humour. Here the comedians are acting out, a witch doctor practicing his craft with extreme gusto. He wants the sick person to get well but the patient must not be stubborn, he must be willing to take the therapy, flour sprinkles on the head etc etc. 



  1. Would love to come again here because I really like the way the pupils
    were met by the Interior Minister, Mr Georghadjis, and also if you are
    lost or unsure of something. There are some four star
    hotels near the sea front promenade of modern Larnaca. During the wet winter months Cyprus
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  2. Noor says:

    If Whole Foods is so concerned about African Americans, why don’t they have more streos in black communities? I can’t afford their food and I receive food stamps. And don’t try to use an EBT card in Whole Foods unless you enjoy being glared at as if you were from another planet. I got a free gift card from the Santa Monica store earlier this year because I sent in a complaint.

  3. Salwi says:

    I just got a new minty green that I may try this look with instead of the blue. It’s funny, the wsbiete w/ the how to doesn’t mention applying the black- just skips over that step. Looks like a half cut-crease, but just odd that there’s a whole how to that skips the one part many people don’t know how to do! (Except all of us MUGs!)

  4. Candice says:

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  5. africanyouthness says:

    Hahaha why the slaps on the head! Laughed out loud though

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