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BACK TO AFRICA – The French are conquering Mali for us.

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David Dedi – The Bullet Pen

Isn’t it appalling that we let ourselves be embarrassed so by the world. We watched and did nothing or even helped perpetuate the shipping of our sons and daughters across seas to be enslaved for eternity. We watched and did nothing as our leaders were stripped of their dignity, killed or shipped to the Hague to face charges against crimes sanctioned from a boardroom somewhere, by the same people who are calling the poor sheep a hyena.

Charred pickup truck and a destroyed house Konna, Mali.

And did you think what the French  are doing in Mali, rescuing a ragtag military that is supposed to be the pride of  a nation, is out of the goodness of their hearts?

Forget it. And this time their reason may not be as much economic as it is about stopping more refugees or terrorist coming to their shores. Remember where Mali is located?

Don’t get me wrong, I suppose what the French are doing is very noble, trying to ensure that the fire burning in the Sahara is put out before it comes to their own homes. And we know Mali is no Congo filled with diamonds or oil.


Why on earth would a country so vast, and wait on it, very democratic, that’s what they say, why would such a country be so weak in the face of an onslaught of a few Tuareg rebels from the Sahara desert, vent on  stretching their will power down from the sands beyond Timbuktu, Kidal and Gao, to Bamako?

What happened to the famed Malian military that slapped their own government in the face by staging that odd coup, managed by the infamous Captain Amadou Sanogo? Where is he who self proclaimed himself the Savior of the Malian masses? And where are his cohorts who beat up their caretaker President, Mr Dionkounda Traore.

Oh wait, they were busy licking their fingers, enjoying the left over loot from the self serving politicians who hurriedly fled the Bamako after the coup?

So that when the Ansar Dine rebels and their Saharan friends stormed from the north, the Malian military took off like mongrels with tails between their legs. Went crying out to papa, the french, saying rescue, rescue!

Ecowas and the AU were busy politicking and talking gibberish again, dragging their feet and watching from afar as the rebels did what Napoleon and many have done in North Africa, erase the proud history of the ebony people, gut down all semblances of it, let not the future generations know that Timbuktu was once the echelon of world education, a shining bridge diamond of knowledge way before the cambridges,  oxfords and harvards, way before the Greeks even borrowed academia from Egypt and the middle world. The rebel erased all that history by defacing everything that stood as a reminder of that glorious era in African history, defaced everything like what those Napoleonic generals did when they knocked down the short stubby nose of the sphinx because they just couldn’t believe what their eyes saw.

And while the pillaging and looting was going on in Gao and Timbuktu, while the Saharan rebels were busy terrorizing the poor innocent civilians with their own al Shabab like version of the Muslim Sharia law, the Malian military was hiding in Bamako and the safer areas.

Well now they have come out of their holes like meerkats and are now busy carrying out summary executions on civilians or trying to clean out the mess by creating more mess. They are sweeping the dirty after the French who stand in front of them ready to face rebel bullets. And in very typical fashion now pinning blame on poor Tuareg civilians, as if it was there fault that a ragtag military outfit ran around like headless chickens when the Saharan rebels walked in to northern Mali.

But my question goes beyond what Mali’s incapable and naive military is capable of.

My question is why were they so weak and undisciplined?

And to answer my rhetorical question, its simply because the Malian state like many of African states is nothing but a territorial nickname, a brand to sooth our fallible minds into thinking we are politically free. Then when the real ‘sh’ goes down, the big boys will come in and sort it out and as always look like the heroes, the Brits did in Sierra Leone and the French in Ivory Coast.

And while all that was happening, somebody in a boardroom somewhere will continue pulling strings as they have always do, until another rebel group picks up leftover munitions from another fallen Qaddafi regime, then the circle will repeat itself; more civilians will die, the looting, raping and plundering will recur and finally like in a typical Hollywood movie, say Tears of the Sun featuring Bruce Willis, big brother will come and rescue us.

And while all that is happening, we the Sub Saharan African people, will sit like a movie audience and watch from afar as usual.

Where next? D.R. Congo of course.


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