The Bullet Pen




The Bullet Pen follows a simple philosophy, Wisdom from Weapons. And at the fore front is the Bullet Penner, a mysteriously little chap whose words can easily crawl up into your heart and sometimes although not always make your ribs tickle. To some he is like the tinny tiny  mosquito and his writing like that tiny noisy insect keeps you awake in the darkness of ignorance. He speaks from the heart and believes in forging a way forward, underscoring the words, ‘freedom of speech, freedom of press.’

We at the Bullet Pen believe that a pen is more powerful than any bullet and that the world will be a better place if ruled by wise pens and by brutal bullets. So lets make pens from bullets. To let out the Bullet Penner in you, Join Us.



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  1. biar dut says:

    Found this treasure in a wild search. N lav it.

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