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To advertise in The Bullet Pen, please contact us through our Contacts page.

Magazine Profile

 The Bullet Pen is a quarterly magazine, independent and nonprofit, serving an educated and influential audience. We connect you thousands of readers per issue, thousands of unique visitors per month online, and thousands of online newsletter subscribers: smart consumers who purchase books, travel widely, attend cultural events, and appreciate gourmet food and the good life. The majority of our readers hold at least a college degree or some form of formal secondary or tertiary education. Our readers are distributed all across the world, with 49% in Africa, 37% in Europe and America, 6% in Australia, and the rest in the other continents.

The Bullet Pen‘s coverage ranges from politics and international concern to literature, economics and philosophy. We circulate among policymakers, academics, and thought leaders.

Our audience knows our commitment to analysis and depth: academics, officials as well as respected thinkers. Our readers rely on our critical perspectives as they consume other media, making the pages of The Bullet Pen a launching pad for their inquiry into other resources.

The Bullet Pen uniquely places literature, social, economic and cultural criticism next to politics. And the influential people who read our magazine place great value on our combination.


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